Over the course of my college career, I have had the opportunity to increase my skills both through the classes I have taken and by holding jobs in the design industry. Here are some more detailed descriptions of some jobs I have held. For even more information, visit my                    


  • I manage various projects including the cover design and interior layout for books and marketing materials. One of these publications is Audeamus. "Titled in honor of the Champlain College motto, 'Let Us Dare,' Audeamus is an annual collection of student essays celebrating excellence in Champlain’s Core division." I also designed the cover and interior for their most recent publication, Publishing: Digitalized and Personalized.

  • Managing and writing for the CCPI blog (as well as creating feature graphics for posts) is a major part of my job. I work with a team of 3 (including myself) to organize and schedule blog posts. We collect writing from other CCPI employees and volunteers that are centered around the publishing industry. (Check it out here

  • I also write articles for the CMM Division's magazine, the
    "Weathervane." The first issue, released in 2015, contained an
    article I wrote about Champlain College's Game Studio
    Program. I designed the newest issue of this publication
    (coming out in Spring 2017) and wrote an article which was
    included in it. For this article I interviewed Amy Nicole Schwartz
    (Design Director at Cards Against Humanity) and wrote about
    her visit to Champlain College.

  • Finally, I manage CCPI's Instagram account. This includes
    making graphics to engage our audience and scheduling
    photos to be published in advance so there is a constant flow
    of content.


  • At the Lake Monsters, I designed ads, yearbook graphics and layout, and promotional materials for the team. These designs were used both on their website and in email newsletters, as well as in print at the ballpark during games. I also designed graphics specified for each of their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

  • In addition to honing my graphic design skills, I also worked as their photographer over the summer. I attended all home games and photographed players, crowds, fans, events, and sponsors. These photos were later used for more marketing materials and to create Proof of Performance packages at the end of the season. Player/team photos were also used in the team's seasonal publication (the Yearbook) in which I designed the layout, graphics, and ads for other companies. I also photographed merchandise for the online store and assisted with retail duties in the brick-and-mortar team store (ringing up merchandise for customers and selling tickets).

Emma Reed Resume

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