Hi. I'm Emma. I'm an artist, developer, and designer based out of Addison, Vermont. Let me help you grow your small business with a new website, an updated brand identity, or brochures & business cards to hand out.


A little more about me: When I'm not working on building our new house, you can often find me reading, drawing, or searching for something to clean. I love technology and am always finding ways of putting my tech-savviness to use. In addition to the graphic arts I enjoy playing guitar, banjo, ukulele and piano, hiking, hunting, fishing, and gardening. 


You've got your business concept, now you need a brand. Figure out what the look and feel of your company is going to be.


Now you know what your brand is, but you need something to show. Professional photos help with this, in addition to text to use on your website, social media accounts, and print materials.


You have your brand and content. Next you need a way to showcase your work where tons of people will be able to see it. A website is your best option!


Your brand is complete! All that's left is to advertise. Tell the world what you've done and get your work/product in front of people's faces. This can be done with social media or print materials.

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